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California - CTEC Continuing Education

20 Hour Continuing Education

Prerequisites - a current, valid CTEC registration number and IRS issued PTIN

Our 20 hour Continuing Education Program, “Overview and Update of Tax Laws”, provides 10 hours of federal tax law, 2 hours of ethics, 3 hours of federal tax update and 5 hours of California tax law which satisfies the annual continuing education requirement imposed by the State of California.

Comprised of multiple courses which include video presentations, some with additional reading lessons, this program provides an intermediate understanding of the both Federal and California tax laws. Courses include:

Course ID Course Name Credits
3044-CE-2036 Affordable Care Act 2
3044-CE-2050 Business Return Preparation 1065 1
3044-CE-2051 Business Return Preparation 1120C 1
3044-CE-2052 Business Return Preparation 1120S 1
3044-CE-2044 Capital Gains and Losses 2
3044-CE-2040 Depreciation Basics 2
3044-CE-2053 Safe Guarding Taxpayer Data 1
3044-CE-2043 Sale of Taxpayer's Residence vs The Sale of a Rental Property 1
3044-CE-2055 Schedule C 2
3044-CE-2054 Schedule E Rental Properties 1
3044-CE-2056 Understanding Dependents 1
3044-CE-2057 Tax Credits 1
3044-CE-2038 Ethics 2
3044-CE-2035 Tax Law Updates 3
3044-CE-2045 California Exemptions 1
3044-CE-2046 California Income and Deductions 2
3044-CE-2047 California Credits 1
3044-CE-2048 Other California Taxes 1
3044-CE-2049 California Refund or Balance Due 1