(*) If you are a taking the 60 Hour CTEC Course please use the last 6 digits of your SSN as Username.

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IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) - Voluntary

Prerequisites - IRS issued PTIN

Our complete, 18 hour course consists of a 6 Hour Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) course and comprehensive test, 10 Hours of Federal Tax Law, and 2 Hours of Ethics. You can also purchase any number of credits and complete them separately. For a full listing of all tax preparer requirements can be found on the IRS website at www.irs.gov or by calling the IRS at 877-613-PTIN (7846).

California and Oregon Licensed Preparers - Licensed Preparers practicing in these states do not have to fulfill the 6 Hour AFTR requirement mentioned above. All other Continuing Education requirements still apply.

For more information regarding the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP), please visit: www.irs.gov/Tax-Professionals/Annual-Filing-Season-Program


Program Number Program Name Credits
DXDBV-A-00125-18-S 2019 Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course 6
DXDBV-T-00137-18-S Business Return Preparation (1065) 1
DXDBV-T-00136-18-S Business Return Preparation (1120-C) 1
DXDBV-T-00135-18-S Business Return Preparation (1120-S) 1
DXDBV-T-00126-18-S Depreciation Basics and New Bonus Depreciation Rules 2
DXDBV-T-00129-18-S Capital Gains, Losses, and Other Transactions 2
DXDBV-T-00130-18-S Safe Guarding Taxpayer Data 1
DXDBV-T-00133-18-S Schedules C 2
DXDBV-T-00131-18-S Schedules E: Rental Properties 1
DXDBV-T-00128-18-S Sale of Taxpayer's Residence vs The Sale of a Rental Property 1
DXDBV-T-00132-18-S Tax Credits 1
DXDBV-T-00138-18-S Understanding The Affordable Care Act 2
DXDBV-T-00134-18-S Understanding Dependents 1
DXDBV-E-00127-18-S Ethics Course for Tax Professionals 2
DXDBV-U-00140-18-S Tax Year 2018 Tax Law Updates 3